Casting off the evil eye and black magic using a coconut

1. Importance for Casting off the evil eye and black magic using a coconut

      1. Coconut attracts positive as well as negative waves. Raja-Tama gunas predominant waves are drawn into the coconut in a shorter time and because of the inherent sattvikta of the coconut, they are disintegrated to a large extent inside the coconut.

       2. Capacity of coconut to cast off the evil eye is greater when compared with other substances used for the purpose; hence, it is considered superior in its ability to remove the black energy covering beginning from the subtle-body. Any evil eye of superior nature can be cast off using a coconut.

         3. Coconut is all-encompassing and hence, can be used to cast off any type of evil eye and to remove black magic.

2. Method of casting off the evil eye using a coconut


The individual afflicted by evil eye should pay obeisance to Deity Maruti and pray thus – ‘O Maruti, draw all the distressing vibrations within me (Pronounce own name) into this coconut and destroy them’.

       The Act

The coconut to be used for casting off the evil eye should be completely peeled off leaving just a tuft.

Individual who is casting off the evil eye should hold the coconut in his cupped hands and stand in front of the afflicted individual. The tuft of the coconut should face the afflicted individual.

The affected individual should look at the tuft of the coconut.

Move the coconut thrice in a clockwise direction from the feet to the head of the afflicted individual in a circular manner. Then circumambulate the afflicted individual three times. During these circumambulations, hold the point of the tuft of the coconut facing the individual whose evil eye is being cast off. Evil eye can also be cast off collectively by making a group sit in one place.

Dispose the coconut used for casting off evil eye as follows:

1. In case of mild or moderate distress to the afflicted individual, the coconut used for casting off the evil eye should be broken at a junction of three roads.

2. In case the distress of the afflicted individual is severe, the coconut used for casting off the evil eye should be broken in a Maruti temple. If a Maruti temple is not nearby, then the coconut should be broken on the steps of any nearby temple whose Deity is either jagrut (In an awakened state) or is a superior Deity. It is incorrect to just leave the coconut on the steps. Breaking the coconut is appropriate.

3. In case the afflicted individual is suffering from severe distress, the coconut can be immersed in flowing water.

4. If case none of the above mentioned aspects are possible, then worship the sattvikta picture of Deity Maruti near the house, follow it up with a prayer to Deity Maruti to destroy the negative energies, and then break the coconut in front of this picture of Deity Maruti.

Normally, the coconut offered as Naivedya (Holy sacrament) to God should be consumed; however, the coconut used for casting off the evil eye should not be consumed; because this can lead to getting afflicted by distress due to the negative energy that has been absorbed into the coconut.

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